Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                  Ses. : 30 Exam : 70

 Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                   Credits: 4

Uses of Computer Networks, Network Structure, Architectures, Services, Standardization, Functions of Various Network Layers, Network examples.
Physical layer:
Theoretical Basis for Data Communication, Transmission Media, Analog and Digital Transmission, Transmission and Switching ISDN.
Medium Access Sub-layer:
LAN, MAN, Protocol, ALOHA, IEEE Standard for 802 for LANs, Fiber Optic Networks, Satellite Networks.
Data Link layer:
Design Issues, Error Detection and Correction, Protocols and their Performance, Specifications and Examples.
Network layers:
Design Considerations, Difference between Gateway, Ethernet Switch, Router, Hub, Repeater, Functions of Router, Congestion Control Internetworking and Examples, Details of IP addressing schemes, TCP/IP Protocol details.

  1. Data Communications and Networking by Behrouz A. Forouzan, 2nd Edition, Tata McGraw Hill.

Computer Networks, A. S. Tannenbaum, PHI – New Delhi.
Computer Networking Terminology Products and Standards, R. P. Suri and J. K. Jain, Tata McGraw Hill.

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Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                  Ses. : 30 Exam : 70  Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                  ...