Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                  Ses. : 30 Exam : 70

 Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                    Credits: 4

  1.     Operational Amplifiers:
    Design Aspects of Monolithic Op-Amps, Ideal Characteristics, Specifications, Offset Voltages and Currents, Frequency Compensation Techniques, Measurement of Op-Amp Parameters,
    2.         Applications of Op-Amps, Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifiers, Integrators, Function Generators, Logarithmic Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers,
    3.         Signal Conditioning Circuits, Multivibrators, Square Wave Generators, Rectifiers, Peak Detection and Voltage Regulation.
    4.         555 Timers, 556 Function Generator ICs and their Applications. Three Terminal IC Regulators,
    5.         IC 1496 (Balanced Modulator), IC 565 PLL and its Applications.
    6.         Active Filters – LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, All-pass Filters, Higher Order Filters and their Comparison.
    7.         Op-Amp Phase Shift, Wein-bridge and Qudrature Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Voltage to Frequency and Frequency to Voltage Converters, Voltage to Current and Current to Voltage Converters. Switched Capacitance Filters, Analog Multiplexers, Sample and Hold Circuits.
    1.         Microelectronics, Jacob Millman
    2.         Op-Amps and Linear ICs, Ramakanth Gayakwad.
    3.         Integrated Circuits, Botkar, Khanna Publications.
    4.         Applications of Linear ICs, Clayton.
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Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                  Ses. : 30 Exam : 70  Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                  ...