Periods/week : 3 Periods .                                                                       Ses. : 50 Exam : 50 Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                    Credits: 2

1. Identifying well known ports on a Local/Remote System:
By trying to listen to the various well-known ports by opening client connections. If the exception does not occur then the remote port is active else the remote port is inactive.
2. Writing a chat application:
i) One-One: By opening socket connection and displaying what is written by one party to the other.
ii) Many-Many (Broad cast): Each client opens a socket connection to that chat server and writes to the socket. What ever is written by one party can be seen by all other parties.
3. Data retrieval from a Remote database:
At the remote database a server listens for client connections. The server accepts SQL Queries from the client executes it on the database and sends the responses to the client.
4. Mail Client: i) POP Client: Gives the server name, user name and password, retrieve the mails and allow manipulation of mailbox using POP commands.
ii) SMTP Client: Gives the server name, send email to the recipient using SMTP commands.
5. Simulation of Telnet:
Provide a user interface to contact well known ports so that client server interaction can be seen by the user.
6. Simple file transfer between two systems (with out protocols):
By opening socket connection to our server on one system and sending a file from one system to another.
7. HTTP Server:
Develop a HTTP server to implement the following commands.
The server must handle multiple clients.
1) Downloading Image Files from HTTP server: Using Java URL connection class (Ref. Book: Java Network Programming-Orielly)

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Periods/week : 3 Periods .                                                                       Ses. : 50 Exam : 50 Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                            ...