Periods/week : 2 Periods & 4 Tut /week.                                                                                                                                   Ses. : 30 Exam : 70 Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                                                                                       Credits: 5

Drawing instruments and uses, Lettering scales in common use.

Curves used in Engineering Practice, Conic sections, Construction of conics by different methods, Rectangular-hyperbola, Cycloidal curves, Trochoids, Eip and hypo-cycloids, Involutes and Archemedian spiral.

Orghographic Projectios
Projection of points, Projection of straight lines, Traces of a line, Projection of planes and projection on auxiliary planes.

Solids and Developments
Projection of solids in simple positions, Projection of solids with axis inclined to one of the reference planes and parallel to the other, projection of solids with axis inclined to both the reference planes, Projection of spheres, Development of surfaces of solids, Development of transition piece connecting a square and circular pipe Helices and screw treads.

Sections and Intersections
Sections of different solids and true shape of sections, Intersection of surfaces-simple problems with cylinders, Prisms and cones.

Isometric and Perspective Projections
Isometric projection and conversion of orthographic projection into isometric projection, Perspective projection, Theory of visual ray method and vanishing point method, Simple problems involving regular geometrical solids.

Elements of Engineering Drawing by N.D. Bhatt
Engineering Graphics by K.L. Narayana and P. Kanniah

tejus mahiFirst Year SyllabusEngineering Graphics Syllabus
Periods/week : 2 Periods & 4 Tut /week.                                                                                  ...