Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                                                                      Ses. : 30 Exam : 70

Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                                                                         Credits: 4

1. Historical Perspective
The nature of science and technology, Roots of science and technology in India, Science and society, Scientists and society, Science and Faith and the rise of applied sciences.
2. Policies and Plans after Independence 
Nehru’s vision of science for independent independent India, Science and technology developments in the new era science and technology developments during the Five Year Plan Periods and science and technology policy resolutions.
3. Research and Development (R&D) in India
Expenditure in R&D, Science and Technology Education, Research activities and promotion of technology development, Technology mission, Programs aimed at technological self reliance, activities of council of scientific and industrial research (CSIR).
4. Science and Technological Developments in Major Areas
Space – Objectives of space programs, Geostationary Satellite Services – INSAT system and INSAT services remote sensing applications, Launch Vehicle Technology
Ocean Development – Objectives of ocean development, Biological and mineral resources, Marine research and capacity building
Defence Research – Spin-off technologies for civilian use,
Biotechnology – Applications of biotechnology in medicine, Biocatalysts, Agriculture, Food, Fuel and Fodder, Development of biosensors and animal husbandry
Energy – Research and development in conservation of energy, India’s nuclear energy program, technology spin-offs.


5. Nexus between Technology Transfer and Development
Transfer of Technology – Types, Methods, Mechanisms, Process, Channels and Techniques, Appropriate technology, Technology assessment, Technological forecasting, Technological innovations and barriers of technological change.
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Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                                  ...