Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                                                                            Ses. : 30 Exam : 70

Examination (Practical): 3hrs.                                                                                                                                                Credits: 4

The emphasis on English Language is enormously increasing as an effective medium of communication in all sectors the World over. As a consequence of this, the acquisition of effective communication skills in English has become most important to the students to flourish in their careers. In this connection there is a need to train the students to equip themselves with the necessary skills required for effective communication in English thereby enabling them to get a good placement immediately after the completion of their under-graduate courses. To meet the objectives of developing proficiency in English communication the following curriculum is designed for favorable consideration.
1. A textbook with focus on skills approach.
– Intended to develop the language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing.
2. Vocabulary 
a) One – Word Substitution
b) Words often Confused – Pairs of Words
c) Synonyms and Antonyms
d) Foreign Phrases
e) Phrasal verbs derived from the following dynamic verbs
– Go, Get, Run, Take, Look, Hold, Put, Stand, Etc.
f) Idioms and Phrases
3. Grammar 
a) Error Analysis
b) Tense
c) Voice
d) Concord
e) Articles and Prepositions
4. Writing Skills 
a) Précis Writing
b) Note Making
c) Letter Writing – (Letters of Enquiry, Invitation, Regret, Congratulations, Condolences, Complaint, Breaking the ice.)
d) Reading Comprehension
e) Content Writing : Paragraph Writing and Essay Writing
Practice (Language Lab)

  1. Spoken English : Varieties
  2. Speech Mechanism
  3. The consonant and vowel sounds of English
  4. Word Accent
  5. Accent in Connected Speech
  6. Rhythm and Intonation
  7. conversation

Textbook Prescribed:
Select essays and short stories from Srivastava, B., and Mahesari, V.K. (Ed.) Modes of English Prose (An Anthology of prose selections).
Reference Books:
1. Sharma, G.V.L.N., English for Engineering Students.
2. Margaret M Maison, Examine your English, Macmillan
3. Krishnaswami, N. and Sriram, T., Current English for Colleges, Macmillan
4. Krishnaswami, N. and Sriram T., Creative English for Communication, Macmillan.

tejus mahiFirst Year Syllabus
Periods/week : 3 Periods & 1 Tut /week.                                                                                  ...